Friday, February 26, 2016

WONDER - RJ Palacio [Book recommendation]

Book obtained from: Library, E-book [2012]

Description: This is a middle grade book about August Pullman, a kid with a facial difference who has been homeschooled because of all the medical procedures he's had to endure. But now he is starting fifth grade in a private school, and all he wants is to be treated like a normal kid.

Plot: The story tracks August from the summer before he starts fifth grade, through his first year in a regular school environment. He endures stares and taunts, and makes a few friends.

Characterization: The book is mostly written in August's first person POV, but it does include several other first person narrators, including his older sister and several of his friends. All of the narrators are true to life, and portray the various practical and emotional aspects of living with, or having a brother/friend living with, such a noticeable difference.

Setting: New York City. The descriptions were good, somewhat minimal at times, but I was able to picture every scene.

Other: I know a kid like August, he's 17 now. I don't pretend to know what his life's been like, but I pictured him while I was reading this book and lots of things made sense. Also, middle school in my area is usually grades 7-8, or sometimes 6-8. I did find it odd that middle school in this book started in grade 5.

Overall: This book is amazing. The author is able to portray the conflicting feelings of the characters, and simultaneously making the reader laugh and cry. The only negative I can find, is that there wasn't really an overall story goal or question, beyond “will August make it through his fifth grade year, and will it be overall a positive or negative experience.”

Grade: A

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