Friday, March 11, 2016

DEVOTED IN DEATH - JD Robb [Book recommendation}

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Description: This is the 41st book in the series, which is set in the year 2061. New York police lieutenant Eve Dallas investigates a torture-murder, the latest in a long line of torture-murders. This book is mostly a police procedural, with several interesting inventions not known to those of us here in 2016. Also, the reader knows who the murderers are, because chapter 1 begins in their POV. 

Plot: Eve and her team investigate the torture-murder of a young man who plays in an orchestra. Along the way, they learn this is at least the 20th victim of two sadistic, psychopathic killers. The reader knows who these killers are, and it's interesting to learn how the police put all the clues together. 

Characterization: Eve Dallas is the protagonist. Her husband Roarke and her partner Peabody are the main secondary characters. There are several other police characters, and a few side stories including one officer who is preparing to take the detective exam. Quite a few of the reviews I've read, indicate the character development isn't as good in this book as in the previous books, but I was able to get a feel for the individual personalities of each character, even though this is only the second book in the series I've read.

Setting: New York City. The descriptions were good, I was able to picture every scene.
Other: I've only read one of the previous 40 books in this series, but this book did well as a stand-alone. About half-way thru it, I did some research online to get more of the backstory, and I do believe it helped me with the enjoyment of the story, but I think I would have enjoyed it anyway. 

Overall: One note of caution: There is a LOT of torture in this book. In most places, it's not too gory, but from the dialogue and other information you're given, some of it seems over-the-top. Apparently, JD Robb [aka Nora Roberts] had some serious nightmares that she obviously needed to get out of her head and onto the page. Don't read this book if you don't like reading that sort of violence. It was almost too heavy for me.
Grade: B+


  1. Dena, coincidentally I just started reading this book last night. I've read all the JD Robb books to date - autobuy series for me. I find some are more violent than others - this is obviously going be one of 'those' ones. But I love the character relationships and will keep reading anyway =)

    1. I've also read Calculated in Death. This one was definitely more violent [most violence is off-page but still described], and made me nervous about reading any more.

  2. I've gotta say, 41 books is scary. I don't think I'd read 41 books from the same author, about the same characters. (It's made me think though coz I've no problems watching 10 seasons of the same characters on TV... sorry, rambling!) Are you planning to read more?
    Visiting you from the a to z challenge btw, will be back for more lol (not a threat 😉)

    1. I think I'll pick and choose. I definitely do NOT want something more violent than this one was!

      Thanks for stopping by!