Saturday, August 12, 2017

Day 224 - This day in legal and military history

August 12

WORLD Elephant Day


NATIONAL Middle Child Day

NATIONAL Vinyl Record Day

NATIONAL Bowling Day [second Saturday in August]

NATIONAL Garage Sale Day [second Saturday in August]

Today in legal and military [and occasional oddities] history

1851 Issac Singer patented the sewing machine

1865 British surgeon Joseph Lister became the first doctor to use an antiseptic during surgery

1896 Gold is discovered near Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada

1898 Hawaii was formally annexed to the United States

1908 Henry Ford‘s first Model T rolls off the assembly line

1935 President Franklin Roosevelt signs the Social Security Bill

1981 Computer giant IBM introduces its first personal computer, running PC-DOS 1.0

1992 The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is concluded between the United States, Canada and Mexico, creating the world’s wealthiest trade bloc

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