Monday, August 13, 2018

August - Week 33 - Oregon - the Beaver State

33 Oregon
Date admitted to the US – February 14, 1859
Postal abbreviation – OR
Capital – Salem
Area – 98,380.64 [9th largest in the US]
Population as of census 2010 – 3,831,074 [27th largest in the US]
Population density per square mile – 39.9 [40th largest in the US]
Area codes – 503, 541, 971
Zip codes – 97001 - 97920
Number of counties – 36
State nickname –  Beaver State
State motto – "She Flies With Her Own Wings" and "The Union"

State Flag of Oregon
Fun facts
-Oregon's state flag pictures a beaver on its reverse side. It is the only state flag to carry two separate designs.
-Oregon has more ghost towns than any other state.
-The Oregon Trail is the longest of the overland routes used in the westward expansion of the US.
-There are nine lighthouses standing along Oregon's coastline. Five are still in use. The others are designated historic monuments.

Law Schools
-Lewis & Clark Law School 
-University of Oregon School of Law 
-Willamette University College of Law

Military facts
Military Bases

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