Monday, August 20, 2018

August - Week 34 - Kansas - the Sunflower State

34 Kansas
Date admitted to the US – January 29, 1861
Postal abbreviation – KS
Capital – Topeka
Area – 82,276.84 [15th largest in the US]
Population as of census 2010 – 2,853,118 [33rd largest in the US]
Population density per square mile – 34.9 [41st largest in the US]
Area codes – 316, 620, 785, 913
Zip codes – 66002 - 67954
Number of counties – 105
State nickname –  Sunflower State
State motto – "Ad astra per aspera" - To the stars through difficulties 

State Flag of Kansas
Fun facts
-Dodge City is the windiest city in the US.
-At one time, it was against the law to serve ice cream on cherry pie in Kansas.
-Smith County is the geographical center of the 48 contiguous states.
-The Geodetic Center of North America is about 40 miles south of Lebanon at Meade's Ranch. It is the beginning point of reference for land surveying in North America. When a surveyor checks a property line, he or she is checking the position of property in relation to Meade's Ranch in northwest Kansas.
-Sumner County is known as The Wheat Capital of the World.

Law Schools
-University of Kansas School of Law 
-Washburn University School of Law

Military facts
Military schools
Military bases

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