Monday, March 2, 2020

March 2-8 Special Days and Obscure Holidays

Your assignment is to figure out which date is represented by the photo at the top of this post!  [Hint: There is more than one correct response.]

March 2 – Old Stuff Day, Dr. Seuss Day, Banana Cream Pie Day

March 3 – I Want You to be Happy Day, National Anthem Day, Cold Cuts Day, Caregiver Appreciation Day, If Pets had Thumbs Day, Peach Blossom Day

March 4 – March Forth and Do Something Day, Hug a GI Day, Pound Cake Day, Grammar Day, Marching Music Day

March 5 – Learn What Your Name Means Day, Multiple Personality Day, Cheese Doodle Day

March 6 – Dentist Day, Oreo Day, Dress Day, Frozen Food Day, Dress in Blue Day, Day of Unplugging, Salesperson Day, World Day of Prayer

March 7 – Alexander Graham Bell Day, Cereal Day

March 8 – Proofreading Day, Oregon Day, Peanut Cluster Day, Daylight Savings Time Day

Which date is represented by the photo? Extra points for guessing two or more appropriate dates. Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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