Monday, August 9, 2021

Letter H

Last week, G is for George
#1 George Washington
#2 George W. Bush
#3 George Orwell
#4 King George VI of England
#5 Prince George of Cambridge
#6 George Bernard Shaw
#7 George Gershwin
#8 George Eliot
#9 George Clooney
#10 George C. Scott

This week is letter H.
All of these photos are from the same city.  What is it?



  1. The aerial photo gave it away as Helsinki.

    I have some friends who started a farm in Norge. I went to visit them and considered flying to Helsinki and driving across country. Time got in the way.

    1. You are certainly a world traveler!

    2. I am not really a world traveler. I have to visit Budapest on business occasionally. It is a multi-step trip to there; or back.

      It is as easy to head to Scandinavia as to come almost straight home. I did that because I hadn't seen my friends for like five years, and it was time.

      I like where I live and like being here, not there, but Hungary, and its politics do strange things to my heart and sole.