Monday, August 23, 2021

Letter J

Last week:  I is for impatiens, ibex, Idaho

This week is letter J

What/who are these, and what do all three of them have in common?


  1. Jacks :) Too tired to remember actor's name (Jack ...?) and the fruit is a jackfruit and the animal a jackal.

  2. Jackfruit, Jack Black, Jackal.
    What, I don't make the list? 😜
    Meh, I'll pretend the whole post is about me, since it has my name on it. Ha ha ha.

    I had a productive month reading for a read-a-thon, writing a few book reviews, checking in with hospitalized family members, and writing a WEP flash fiction.
    Have you seen the notebook on the current (Aug 25) giveaway at Operation Awesome? That is some amazing custom art. Debut authors are always surprising me.
    I'm ready for the summer heat to be over. 🥵

    1. Yes, this entire week [not just the post] is all about you J! And you got a lot done too. Yes, I'm ready for the heat to be over. Way too hot this summer.