Monday, September 27, 2021

Letter O

Last week - N is for New ________

1. New York
2. New Orleans
3. New Zealand [Queenstown]
4. New Jersey [Jersey City]
5. New South Wales [Sydney]
6. New Mexico [Albuquerque]
7. New Delhi
8. New Hampshire
9. New London Connecticut
10. Newcastle UK

This week is letter O.

Answer the question below each photo.
#1 Who is this?
#2 What is this?
#3 What is this?
#4 Where is this?
#5 What is this?
#6 Where is this?
#7 Where is this?
#8 What is this?
#9 Who is this?
#10 Who is this?


  1. I was going through trying to remember them all when I got to 10... Oscar Wilde...which distracted me completely. I love The Importance of Being Earnest!! It's such a clever and funny play. I also found his biography fascinating.

  2. 1) Laurence Olivier
    2) Obelisk
    3) Oil platform, derrick, or rig
    4) Oslo, nestled in the fjord valley
    5) Ostrich
    6) Ottawa, Canada
    7) Oxford University, the bridge is in a lot of movies
    8) Oyster, a long term hangover cure for me
    9) Olivia De Havilland
    10) Oscar Wilde, as AJ noted.

    Have a good week, Dena