Monday, October 4, 2021

Letter P

Last week - O is for:
#1 - Laurence Olivier
#2 - Obelisk
#3 - Oil platform
#4 - Oslo
#5 - Ostrich
#6 - Ottawa
#7 - Oxford
#8 - Oyster
#9 - Olivia de Havilland
#10 - Oscar Wilde


This week is letter P.

Complete the words for the photos below:
#1 P_____ F_____
#2 P____: M____ P____,_Les_joueurs_de_carte_(1892-95).jpg
#3 P___ C____: The C____ P____,_Puerto_Rico,_Puerto_Rico.jpg
#4 P___ R___
#5 P_____ of G_____
#6 P_____ F_____
#7 P_____ P_____
#8 G_____ P_____
#9 J_____ P_____,_Ontario.jpg
#10 P_____ W_____



  1. Haha, are you trying to outwit Craig? I'm looking forward to seeing how he goes this week.

    1. It does appear that Craig to me is like Forti to Janet. I shall soldier on!

  2. Gee thanks AJ, is that a blessing or a curse?

    1) It is actually a picture of the Eiffel Tower, so Paris France

    2) Archeological mysteries are the best mysteries, even if they end in blood and sacrifice.

    Peru: Machu Picchu

    3) The father of cubism's most expensive painting, Les Joueurs de cartes

    Paul Cezanne: The Card Players

    4) Have the ghosts of girlfriends past gone on a book tour? This is the second time there is a question relating to one I once held close.

    Puerto Rico

    5) The Pyramids of Giza

    6)Being black and white the picture bucked me out of the saddle a couple of times, but the ash cloud (tephra) means it can only be a :

    Pyroclastic Flow

    7) An American city in a state that starts with P. Check, only one

    City that starts with P in state that starts with P, only two big'uns. It isn't Pittsburgh, so it must be:

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    8) Giant Panda

    9) Jen Psaki, she was in the paper again this morning.

    10) Salix discolor, common name:

    Pussy Willow

    1. You get an A+ this week! And I love your commentary. Let's see what I can figure out for letter Q.