Monday, December 6, 2021

Letter Y

Last week - X is for:
#1 Xi Jinping
#2 Thai Xylophone
#3 Excaliber
#4 Exeter
#5 Exoskeleton
#6 Excavator
#7 Exhumation
#8 Exploded depth charge
#9 Exploded Challenger
#10 Exploded Port of Beirut
#11 Extraterrestrial Highway

This week is letter Y.
Answer the questions below.
#1 What is this?
#2 What country is this?,_Bestanddeelnr_922-2301_(cropped).jpg
#3 Who is this?
#4 What is this?
#5 What is this?
#6 What university is this?
#7 Who is this?
#8 What type of dog is this?
#9 What US national park is this?
#10 What US national park is this?


  1. I know all but the tree. I've been to both #9 and #10 - while Yellowstone is by far the more famous over here, I loved Yosemite so it's my favourite hands down.

    1. 9 out of 10 is a good score! And yes, both those parks are great in their own way, but usually people have a favorite. And my opinion is the same as yours on that!

  2. I am not really a world traveler. A great deal of the places I have been have been for work. I spent 14 years in the environmental business and got very popular with some of the big environmental companies. Put 247000 miles on a truck in six months, more than once.

    Then came the business I am leaving. I have companies in six countries that don't want me to retire.

    I got Pfizer boosted and a flu shot today, so I don't know how tomorrow will do.

    1) Ying and Yang

    2)Yemen, haven't been there

    3)Yoko Ono, plastic Ono gonna get you


    5) Yucca, I peed on one once, fifty miles from the nearest bathroom

    6)Yale, drove past in once, but the weather was horrid and couldn't see it.

    7) Yassir Arafat

    8) An ankle biter, mostly called a Yorkie, sometimes as a Yorkshire Terrier

    9 and 10) are both views of Yellowstone Park, with all the cars taken out with Photoshop.

    Have a good week.

    1. 9 out of 10 this week. Good score. LOL about "all the cars taken out with Photoshop" but it's true there are usually way too many cars.