Monday, November 29, 2021

Letter X

Last week - W is for:

#1 Western Australia
#2 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
#3 Washington Monument
#4 Winona Ryder
#5 Wuhan China
#6 Waterfall
#7 Wellington New Zealand
#8 White House [USA]
#9 Washington
#10 White Island New Zealand

This week is letter X [or EX].
Answer the questions below.
#1 Who is this?
#2 What is this?
#3 What is this?
#4 Where is this?
#5 What is this?
#6 What is this?
#7 What are these people doing?
#8 What EXploded here?
#9 What EXploded here?
#10 What EXploded here?
#11 What highway is this?


  1. I know #1 to #6, #10 and #11. I guess last week's clean sweep was a once off, lol.

    1. We still have two more weeks for another clean sweep!

  2. 1) A bigger Communist threat than Putin:
    Xi Jinping

    2) The thing all parents of very young children fear. Some smart ass always gives them a

    3) There are only a couple of swords in stones and only one named

    4) The little black boxed place is

    5) The thing that makes cowboys buy special boots to squish roaches in the corners

    6) An excavator

    7) Exhuming a body, I believe the body is John the Baptist

    8) A depth charge; my brother was on a Navy UDT (underwater demolition team); precursor to SEAL Teams

    9)I was in a lawn chair about 200 feet to the right of where that photo was taken, when the Challenger exploded

    10)Poor Beirut, it was once the future of the Islamic countries, how far it has fallen.

    11) I drove past that sign once, on my way to Roswell.

    Extraterrestrial highway.