Monday, May 29, 2023

This week in history #22

Last week's photos:
1844 First telegraph message
1787 Constitutional Convention
1937 Opening of Golden Gate Bridge
1961 Amnesty International began

Last year we looked at obscure holidays. This year, let’s look at major world events that occurred each week.  Make your best guess in the comments as to the years of each event.  No googling!

Week #22

May 29, ____ - The English monarchy was restored after several years of a Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell.

May 30, ____ - The Pennsylvania Evening Post became the first daily newspaper published in America.

May 31, ____ - Over 2,300 persons were killed in the Johnstown flood in Pennsylvania, after heavy rains caused the Connemaugh River Dam to burst, sending a wall of water 75 feet high through the city.

June 4, ____ - The Chinese government ordered troops to fire on unarmed protesters in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.


  1. 1) Cromwell died a few years before Charles1 was seated around 1660

    2) Not a clue

    3) Johnstown had a dam burst in 1889, and also had a 100 year rain event cause a flood in 1977

    4) The Tiamamnem Square massacre was in 1989, I think