Monday, October 2, 2023

This week in history #40

Last week's photos:
1789 US Army
1829 British "bobbies"
1908 Ford Model T
1949 China

Last year we looked at obscure holidays. This year, let’s look at major world events that occurred each week.  Make your best guess in the comments as to the years of each event.  No googling!

Week #40

October 3, ____ - Iraq gained independence from Britain.

October 3, ____ - East and West Germany were reunited as the Federal Republic of Germany.

October 6, ____ - The first full-length feature film using spoken dialogue, The Jazz Singer starring Al Jolson, opened in New York.

October 8, ____ - The Great Fire of Chicago erupted. More than 300 persons were killed and 90,000 were left homeless. The fire leveled 3.5 square miles and destroyed 17,450 buildings.


  1. "Tear down this wall!" I remember the news of that in the early 80s.

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    1. My sister-in-law was actually in Berlin when the wall came down. Interesting times.