Monday, November 6, 2023

This week in history #45

Last week's photos:
1938 War of the Worlds
1517 Martin Luther
1776 Mission San Juan Capistrano
1957 Sputnik II

Last year we looked at obscure holidays. This year, let’s look at major world events that occurred each week.  Make your best guess in the comments as to the years of each event.  No googling!

Week #45

November 7, ____ - Canada's first transcontinental railway was completed.

November 8, ____ - X-rays were discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen in Germany.

November 9, ____ - At 5:16 p.m., the Great Blackout of the Northeast began. A tripped circuit breaker caused a chain reaction knocking out interconnected power companies down the East Coast, affecting more than 30 million persons.

November 9, ____ - The Berlin Wall was opened after 28 years.


  1. Just a light comment. I know the answers, but I can't trust my brain to put them in their right places.

    I had that glitch last week on San Juan Capistrano.

    It is the strange sleeping habit I have at the moment. I hope it gets better soon and I can make it through you contest without me feeling bad for not being able to compete.

    1. You're not allowed to feel bad on my blog! You came, you saw, you participated. Which means you conquered. Sleep problems are rough. Hope it gets better soon.