Monday, June 28, 2021

Letter B

Last week's country - A is for Argentina!  Today is letter B
All of these are the same adjective.  What adjective is it?

Do you know?  Post your guess in the comments.  Extra points if you include the noun following the adjective for each!


  1. I am not sure that they are all adjectives. The third, to a swimmer, is just the butterfly. That would make it a regular noun, not an attributive noun, and therefore an adjective.

    Managing partner, cool.

    1. I did have to consider whether the word I was looking for was a noun or an adjective for this use, so you might be correct. I never considered "attributive noun" tho. Maybe it's that!

  2. Butterfly stroke is the last one. Maybe Butterfly effect is the first and the middle is butterfly (some kind of flower). Am I close?
    Janet’s Smiles