Monday, October 25, 2021

Letter S

Last week - R is for:

#1 Rudolph Valentino
#2 Romania
#3 Rita Hayworth
#4 Rottweiler
#5 Ronald Reagan
#6 Rainbow
#7 Rembrandt
#8 Rabbit
#9 Richard Nixon
#10 Rorschach ink blot

This week is letter S.
Answer the questions below.
#1 Where is this?
#2 What is this?
#3 What building is this?
#4 What is this?
#5 In what city would you find this?
#6 What building is this?
#7 What is this?
#8 What country is this?
#9 What is this?
#10 What city is this?


  1. I know all of them except #3... although, oddly enough, #6 had me stumped. That's because we just call it the Opera House, lol.

  2. 1) This might have been the first stone of the supply chain that fell and, exasperated by the pandemic, left us in this nasty place. The Ever Given clogging the

    Suez Canal

    2) It is a lovely color for one, but I stepped on one once and promised to never, ever, miss another

    Sea Urchin

    3) I was originally sure it was the Senate Building, because of the tumult, but you are an attorney and there is enough tumult at the

    Supreme Court

    4) It makes me crave a cheese pizza, but it would too far away to pick it up from the


    5) If the fog wasn't quite so thick you could look to the left and see Alcatraz. There are occasionally beautiful views from the Golden Gate Bridge, heading into

    San Fransisco

    6) The building that might have had the highest cost overrun ever, the Opera house in


    7) Looks like a larger type than the little fried kind I actually liked on a trip to Japan, but it is a

    Sea Cucumber

    8) The triple roof line says Asia, and the only city that is this modern that starts with an S is


    9)No place like it in this solar system


    10) Glad to see that the Space Needle, maybe the last remnant of the 1962 World's Fair, still stands in