Monday, October 11, 2021

Letter Q

Last week - P is for:
#1 Paris
#2 Peru: Machu Picchu
#3 Paul Cezanne: The Card Players
#4 Puerto Rico
#5 Pyramids of Giza
#6 Pyroclastic Flow
#7 Philadelphia Pennsylvania
#8 Giant Panda
#9 Jen Psaki
#10 Pussy Willow

This week is letter Q.

Complete the words for the photos below:


  1. It has been my wont to do this on Saturday mornings, I can't do that this week

    1) The sport of wizards and witches, at least according to the writer we love to hate.


    2) The Queen of England, the only one my memory really holds a record of.

    Queen Elizabeth

    3) The city is Brisbane, maybe a tie with Miami for problems with sea level rise. It is in


    4) The Queen Mary, I don't know if it is 1 or 2

    5) The happiest animal on Earth, or so Instagram would tell us. It is the animal with the most selfies.

    It also now is only on Rottnest Island, so happy is relative.


    6) The road to Machu Picchu is very hard indeed. The airplane route ends in Quito. The only thing harder than the road is seeing the extent of the local poverty.


    7)Mine are Pollo Verde, so look different, but it can only be a


    8) Quasar, because it might be the only astronomical object to start with a Q

    9)Quebec, become it might be the only city with a frozen Q

    10) Quail, just because

  2. I'm a transplanted #3 (Queenslander) and am going to see a real life #5 (quokka) next year!

    Quokka are found on an island off Western Australia and I am going to be on a writing retreat there next August :)