Monday, November 8, 2021

Letter U

Last week - T is for:
#1 Tank
#2 Toronto
#3 Tornado [F5]
#4 Tuning fork
#5 Thomas Jefferson
#6 Turkey
#7 Train
#8 Tardis
#9 Tundra
#10 Thor's hammer

This week is letter U.

Answer the questions below.
#1 Where is this?
#2 What is this?
#3 Where is this?
#4 Who is this?
#5 What are these?
#6 What is this?
#7 Where is this?
#8 What is this?
#9 What trees are these?
#10 Where is this?
#11 Who is this?
#12 Where is this?


  1. 2 got me this week - no idea who the man in #4 is, and I'm not sure what the name is for the trees. But I obviously know my geography!

    1. I did 12 this week and 10/12 is a very respectable score!

  2. A Friday night entry; half drunk instead of half-hungover. The neck fracture is a pain, but the U in my dictionary is only 25 pages.

    1) Uruguay; Only country that starts with U in South America.

    2) Uranium; the only U in the periodic table of elements.

    3) Ukraine; in the news again because the Russians might try to take it over again.

    4) Ulysses Grant' American Civil War, hero to some, villain to others.

    5) Ulna; broke one in a bicycle wreck.

    6) Uzi; I wrote a couple of thrillers and Uzis are almost mandatory in those.

    7) Utah; home of the Mormon religion, and the Great Salt Lake.

    8) Uvula; I am of an age that my tonsils were taken out as soon as they caught something. I was 6 at the time.

    9) Umbrella trees, I think they are pines, because the other umbrella trees have different trunks.

    10) Uzbekistan; I have a character, Nafisa, from Tajikistan, just north of there

    11) Uma Thurman; it must hurt to have your highest accomplishment be the Bride in Kill Bill.

    12) Uganda; thriller again, it is the north end of Lake Chad.

    1. Ouch on the broken ulna! And congrats on your usual awesome score.