Monday, November 15, 2021

Letter V

Last week - U is for:

#1 Uruguay
#2 Uranium
#3 Ukraine
#4 Ulysses S. Grant
#5 Ulnas
#6 Uzi
#7 Utah
#8 Uvula
#9 Umbrella Pines
#10 Uzbekistan
#11 Uma Thurman
#12 Uganda

This week is letter V.

Answer the questions below.
#1 What country is this?
#2 Who is this?
#3 What bird is this?
#4 What island is this?
#5 Who is this?
#6 What country is this?
#7 What is this?
#8 Who is this?
#9 What country is this?,_portrait_de_Voltaire,_d%C3%A9tail_(mus%C3%A9e_Carnavalet)_-002.jpg
#10 Who is this?



  1. !0 Going back to that same thriller. The country is also a Bahamian style banking country.


    2) Does anyone, anywhere not know this former FSB leader?

    Vladimir Putin

    3)I, personally, think of it as a Condor. I live east of the Mississippi and ours are the Black and the Turkey. Condors are in the same Latin class, though.


    4)Vancouver Island

    5)His Immersive show has been touring the country of late, hope you had the chance to see it.

    Vincent Van Gogh

    6) Almost my summer vacation spot when I got out of High School.


    7)Where you gonna go when it blows


    8) Author Les Miserables and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    Victor Hugo

    9)One of my early projects, toward building my fortune, was to ship a bunch of crappy trailers there.


    10) A very important writer to the French, even though they exiled him for most of his life


    Have a good week.

    1. Your responses are awesome as usual! I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. Thank you, Dena,I hope you and yours also have a nice Thanksgiving.

    It's at our house again and we have 14, maybe 15 coming, and it's gluten free, I hope.

  3. I don't know #8 or #10, but know the rest. Have been to #1 a couple of times - a lovely place to visit!