Monday, April 8, 2019

AtoZ Blogging Challenge - G

Letter of the Day Quiz

Your job is to select the word, beginning with the letter of the day, to correctly identify the prompt answer.  Write your answers/guesses on a separate page, NOT in the comments.

1. Country
2. Famous Person
3. Vehicle
4. Animal
5. Plant
6. Sports
7. Everyday object
8. Book or Movie
_____ with the Wind
9. Occupation
I am a medical doctor who diagnoses and treats disorders of the female reproductive system.  I am a __________. 

10. Mystery word

Answers to F prompts

1. Country - France
2. Famous Person - Boba Fett
3. Vehicle - Forklift
4. Animal - Flamingo
5. Plant - Fir tree
6. Sports - Fencing
7. Everyday object - Fan
8. Book or Movie - Fight Club
9. Occupation - Flight Attendant
10. Mystery word - Farm

Remember, DON'T WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!  Just post an anecdote that relates to one of the prompts.

Thank you and have fun!


  1. I think I got the f ones sorry I didn't officially do them😉

    1. As long as you're playing, you're a winner. "Official" not required =)

  2. Just not sure with #3..

    1. Yep, apparently #3 is a tough one. Good for you for trying tho!

  3. #2: Also the name of one of my favorite things to eat!
    #3 also has me stumped, though.