Tuesday, April 16, 2019

AtoZ Blogging Challenge - N

Letter of the Day Quiz

Your job is to select the word, beginning with the letter of the day, to correctly identify the prompt answer.  Write your answers/guesses on a separate page, NOT in the comments. 

1. Country
2. Famous Person 
3. Vehicle 
4. Animal 
5. Plant 
6. Sports 
7. Everyday object 
8. Book or Movie 
 _____ at the Museum

9. Occupation
I administer medications, monitor treatment, and provide information to patients and their families. I am a __________.

10. Mystery word

Answers to M prompts
1. Country - Madagascar
2. Famous Person - Groucho Marx
3. Vehicle - Monorail
4. Animal - Monkey
5. Plant - Magnolia
6. Sports - Marathon
7. Everyday object - Mop
8. Book or Movie - Memoirs of a Geisha
9. Occupation - Meteorologist
10. Mystery word - Moon

Remember, DON'T WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!  Just post an anecdote that relates to one of the prompts.

Thank you and have fun!


  1. I learned something from your challenge: I'm awful at plants! I can rarely figure those out, and this one stumps me again. I think I got all the rest, though. We'll find out tomorrow!

    1. I agree. I tried to find plant photos that were reasonably easy to identify, but even I had trouble with some of them.

  2. i haven't seen #8 yet and i should considering i did a masters in Museum studies ;)

    Joy at The Joyous Living

    1. A masters in museum studies? Wow that sounds really interesting!