Thursday, April 18, 2019

AtoZ Blogging Challenge - P

 Letter of the Day Quiz

Your job is to select the word, beginning with the letter of the day, to correctly identify the prompt answer.  Write your answers/guesses on a separate page, NOT in the comments. 

1. Country
2. Famous Person 
Bonus points if you can spell it right
3. Vehicle 
4. Animal 
5. Plant 
6. Sports 
7. Everyday object 
8. Book or Movie 
The _____ Bride
9. Occupation 
I maintain public order and enforce laws by investigating crimes, patrolling public areas, and arresting suspected offenders. I am a __________.

10. Mystery word

Answers to O prompts
1. Country - Oman
2. Famous Person - Barack Obama
3. Vehicle - Oil tanker
4. Animal - Octopus
5. Plant - Oak tree
6. Sports - Obstacle course
7. Everyday object - Oven
8. Book or Movie - The Old Man and the Sea
9. Occupation - Obstetrician
10. Mystery word - Optical illusion

Remember, DON'T WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE COMMENTS!  Just post an anecdote that relates to one of the prompts.

Thank you and have fun!


  1. oh man. i have no idea about #2. but i do love #4. the best exhibit i've seen was at the London zoo.

    Joy at The Joyous Living