Monday, July 12, 2021

Letter D

Last week's quiz - C is for Chicago!
1871 Great Chicago Fire
1893 Chicago World's Fair

This week is letter D.

All of these have the same "D" word in their names.

Give yourself 10 points if you know the "D" word and 10 more points for each of the full names of these nouns that you guess.  Did you get all 70 points?


  1. Imagine Dragons.

    1) Dragon boats, I have both paddled and been steersman in those.

    2)The Space-X Dragon capsule, as viewed from the ISS

    3) Komodo Dragon

    4) The Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

    5)Australian Water Dragon

    6) The Captain, of Captain and Tenille, is named Daryl Dragon

  2. Craig, I'm very impressed you got the water dragon. They are such fun to watch when they are swimming. When I was collecting water samples from this particular creek in Brisbane I would try and time it so I could have my lunch break sitting on this big rock watching the dragons sunning and swimming. As soon as I moved towards the water they would all leap into the water and disappear.