Monday, July 26, 2021

Letter F

Last week, E is for:
Edinburg Texas and Edinburgh Scotland
Echidna Nocturna [Palenose Moray Eel] and Shortbeak Echidna

This week is letter F

All of these things have the same name.  Bonus points for maximum flight speed.


  1. I'm guessing falcon? But no idea of speeds :)

  2. Yes, falcons. The speeds I have are kind of weird, but, um, aviation.

    1) Falcon 9 rocket. All I have ever found was about thrust and lift, never speed. It does, however have to deal with natural things. Escape speed from this planet is 25,020 MPH.

    2) F-16 Falcon. Capable of reaching Mach 2(twice to speed of sound). The speed of sound approximately 750 MPH. Twice that is 1500 MPH

    3) Peregrine Falcon. Fastest stoop for one was recorded at 242 MPH, back in 2005.

    1. Is there anything I post on my blog that you DON'T know? I'm gonna try to stump you on Monday!

    2. Good luck, I have huge quantities of absolutely useless knowledge.