Monday, July 19, 2021

Letter E

Last week's quiz - D is for Dragon!
1) Dragon boats
2) The Space-X Dragon capsule
3) Komodo Dragon
4) Dragon Bridge
5) Eastern Water Dragon
6) Daryl Dragon [Captain, with Tennille]

This week is letter E!

Photos of two cities with [almost] the same name.  Which cities are these?,_TX,_USA_-_panoramio_-_Mig_Esc_(2).jpg

Photos of two animals with [almost] the same name.  Which animals are these?


  1. I don't know the cities, but I do know the animals - moray eel and echidna.I also know the trick to the eel, it's genus is Echidna :)

  2. Edinburg Texas and Edinburgh Scotland; both places I have been.