Monday, November 7, 2022

National Days/Weeks #35

Last week's photos:
November 1 – Author Day
November 6 – End of Daylight Savings Time

Each week on Monday I'll post two photos which represent a "national day" or "national week" for the coming week [through the following Sunday].  Your job is to figure out which national day or week is depicted in each photo.  

Here are the photos for this week.  What national day or week does each represent?  Even if you're not 100% sure, make your best guess!  Come back next week to see if you're right.

November 10

November 11


  1. My wish was already out there, another cupcake day. Since the last was chocolate, Nov. 10 must be Vanilla Cupcake Day.

    Nov. 11 is Veteran's Day, a serious day to me.

    1. Yep, vanilla cupcake. And my oldest son is a veteran so yes, a serious day for me too.