Saturday, April 3, 2021

C is for Coronavirus / COVID-19

This year for the A-to-Z Challenge, I'll be looking at major events that happened in 2020 [the year we would all like to forget, so let's look at it first, before flushing it down the toilet].

Welcome to C!  We're looking at – CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 [Yes, I can hear you groaning].

What would a look back at 2020 be without at least a brief mention of what some people term “the virus which shall not be named”?  But I'm naming it, mostly because it starts with C.

Here's a microscope photo of the virus:

My family was sick with COVID-19 in 2020.  We each had a different manifestation, which was interesting.  For me, I felt like I had the flu and was completely exhausted for about 5 days.  I had a persistent cough for about 3-4 weeks thereafter.  But we all recovered, which is very nice.

Let us know in the comments whether you've had experience with COVID-19.

Here's a teaser for tomorrow, letter D:


  1. One step forward and two steps back, what a crazy dance.

    I was able to almost stay away from the little beastie, at least away from the crush to be tested. I was supposed to be, and supposed to be and supposed to be tested. I gave up.

    The beastie did not get into our personal bubble, but it did get into the family. My niece and her husband both got it. She has some lasting crap, but he barely noticed. Both have jobs where they are tested weekly.

    I have lost several acquaintances and a couple friends. I know what kind of problem it is, so I have one dose of Pfizer down, second coming Wednesday.

    D's: all D things come down to the Donald, but I have to hedge my bets towards Disney and its shutdown.

    1. My daughter works for Disney. She was furloughed for several months last year but she's been back part-time since late 2020. Disney has announced they'll open back up on April 30, 2021.

      Come back Monday to see if you're right!

  2. I'm so fortunate to not have had any experience with covid. In fact, Dena, I think you are the only person I know who has had it.

    1. My family was fortunate. I personally know a few who were not. But it looks like we're winding down, thankfully.

  3. DMV or Department store line. My husband had it. Thankfully it was a milder case and none of the rest of us got it even though we all live in the same house. We had to postpone Christmas so that we could all be together. We are mostly all vaccinated now. Our oldest daughter is still resistant to getting one.

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. Glad you all made it through! I think Christmas for a lot of folks was different in 2020 than usual. I know ours was.