Thursday, April 8, 2021

G is for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This year for the A-to-Z Challenge, I'll be looking at major events that happened in 2020 [the year we would all like to forget, so let's look at it first, before flushing it down the toilet].

Welcome to G!  We're looking at – RUTH BADER GINSBURG.,_SCOTUS_photo_portrait.jpg

Let's stop talking about pandemic stuff and talk about Notorious RBG.

Ginsburg was the second woman [after Sandra Day O'Connor] and the first Jewish woman to serve on the US Supreme Court.   She worked tirelessly for women's rights throughout her career, and served on the Supreme Court for 27 years, from 1993 through 2020.  Near the end of her tenure, she was the senior member of the liberal-leaning justices.  Seniority meant that, when she did not agree with the majority opinion, she assigned the person who would write the dissent.  She wrote many of them herself, and “I dissent” became a common phrase of hers.

Here's the Supreme Court page on her

Here are some important cases, both with her in the majority and dissenting

Here are photos of the collars she wore, including the famous “dissent collar”

She passed away from pancreatic cancer in September 2020.  Then-President Donald Trump appointed Amy Coney Barrett to replace her, just before the November election.

Do you miss Ruth Bader Ginsburg?  Let us know in the comments.

Here's a teaser for tomorrow, letter H:


  1. I don't know if it can be called missing her. She set the bar at a height we might not see again, because she can't really be replaced.

    It will be better when some balance returns to the Court. By then I guess I will be missing her.

    We lost more than just the year of pandemic, it will all take a while to recover balance.

  2. I think we all miss her, and I just hope all her hard work and effort isn't undone in years to come.

  3. My memory of RBG is that she gave many of us the incentive to continue evolving in our lives rather than choosing stagnation after "a certain age." Her gift will not wear thin or lose appeal over time.
    G is for Green Flash at Sunset

    1. Very true. She kept going and kept contributing even after illness.

  4. I never knew what a remarkable person she was until she was gone. Isn't that sad?

    Janet’s Smiles

    1. At least you know now. So not as sad as it could have been.

  5. An inspiring woman. Thank you for remembering her.

  6. As a non-American this is one that doesn't mean very much to me (although I vaguely remember hearing something about her).